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An open API from the University of Maryland

This is an API for accessing the daily COVID-19 World Symptoms Survey data. The details of our methodology, disclaimer, and release log can be checked here.

Data calculated based on the Facebook global symptoms survey data. Using the survey data, we estimate the percentage of people in a given country or region.

The base path. All URLs referenced in the documentation have the base path

The endpoint path. For example, resources?indicator={indicator}&type={type}&country={country}&date={date}

Required parameters. These parameters must be included in a request. In the example above, {indicator}, {type}, and {country}are required. {date},{daterange} and {region} are optional. In a request, you will replace the placeholders with real values. Checkout the API usages in the Survey Aggregates page.

Optional parameters. These additional parameters can be included to customize a query to get regional aggregates, smoothed aggregates, all regions, etc.