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How to Retrieve the Total Number of Survey Responses using Python

Using Python you can retrieve the total number of responses for Part-A and Full survey responses.

This sample code gets and calculates the total number of responses from the start of the survey to the latest available date.

import pandas
import json
import requests
import datetime

# Get latest survey date
# latest_date = today - 2 days 
today =
n_days_ago = datetime.timedelta(days = 2)
latest_date = today - n_days_ago
latest_date = latest_date.strftime('%Y%m%d')

# request survey response count data from api form start of the survey to latest available date
# Start = 4/23/2020
response = requests.get(f"{latest_date}").text

# convert json data to dic data for use
jsonData = json.loads(response)

# convert to pandas dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(jsonData['data'])

# Get total part-a and full survey responses
parta_responses = sum(df.parta_responses)
full_responses = sum(df.full_responses)

print("Part-A Responses:", parta_responses)
print("Full Responses:", full_responses)