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Survey Aggregates

Note: Aggregates for the API, map, and survey results page are shown for weighted countries only. Please find the complete list of countries that are weighted by Facebook here.
Microdata files include both weighted and unweighted countries. For more information on how to gain access to the microdata go here.

To get aggregates you need to make a call to the following url:

Version 2 API:{indicator}&type={type}&country={country}&date={date}

Version 1 API: (depracated; without indicators added after wave 11){indicator}&type={type}&country={country}&date={date}

Query Parameters

Parameter Description Example
indicator Aggregate data to query covid, mask, vaccine_acpt
type Aggregate data type to use daily or smoothed
country Country to query aggregates for Italy, Colombia, Autralia
region Region to query aggregates for (optional) Piemonte, Santander, New South Wales
date Used to query aggregate data for a specific day (V2:optional)20210101
daterange Used to query aggregates data within a time range (optional) 20210101-20210115

The mandatory parameters here are indicator, type, country, and at least one of date or daterange(optional in V2 API).
Set country to all to retrieve data for all countries.(Support in Version 1&2 API)

Set region to all to retrieve data for all regions for a specific country. (Support in Version 1&2 API)

Set both country and region to all to retrieve all data. (Not support in Version 2 API. Only available in version 1 API )

Wildcard characters % and _ are enabled for country and region. See Requests section for examples. (Not support in Version 2 API. Only available in version 1 API )

Leave date or daterange blank to retrieve data for all dates for the given geographical areas. (New feature in Version 2 API only.)

If you prefer to use iso_code , gid_0 and gid_1 , you can use our lookup table to convert country names or region names into the geocodes you prefer.

Note: This is no limit for query in Version 2 API ( While using the old version 1 API endpoint(, the upper limit of returned records of a query is 10000. Users will receive a status message at the end of the JSON data saying, “data truncated when the upper limit is reached.”